“The Moon — Magnet for Controversy and Strife” at my new 2014 Blog

What is the cause of all of our current problems?

A badly regulated banking system?  A dysfunctional economy?  Widespread unemployment?  Unauthorized surveillance of . . . everything?

No, of course not!

It’s the Moon.

“The Moon — Magnet for Controversy and Strife”

“Once a mythic icon of the evening sky, for some, the Moon is, and has been, a focus of rivalries, disputes, suspicions, conspiracies, and hoaxes — as well as the objective of no less than two planned attacks.  A few even suspect that the Moon, itself, is a cleverly contrived Trojan Horse.”

“However, the politicians of many governments, being much more . . . ‘insightful’ . . . than the everyday people they claim to serve, are fully aware of the urgent issues surrounding the Moon.  After all, why reform the banking system, adopt and implement measures to relieve widespread economic suffering, or institute strong reforms to assure  personal privacy when more important ‘lunar issues’ may be ‘threatening our way of life.'”

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THURSDAY: The Moon — Magnet for Controversy and Strife

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